Happy 4th of July!

As you may know Angell tennis rackets are designed in England by Paul Angell. Paul is my business partner and good friend. That being said I can’t help but remind him that 240 years ago our fore fathers adopted the Declaration of Independence,effectively ending our connection with the British Empire. As I wished Paul a happy 4th of July weekend I realized we have a three days to do nothing but play tennis with Angell tennis rackets! Sadly the Wimbledon start date has been moved back a week and the men’s or women’s final will no longer have the possibility of being played on the 4th of July. It sure was great when an USA player would triumph on the hallowed grass courts on the 4th. This weekend as we play great tennis with our British designed Paul Angell rackets, let’s remember the incredible gift of freedom we were given on this date in 1776. Enjoy the weekend everyone from all of us at Advanced Racquets.

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