Dunlop Maxply Fort vs Angell TC95

This week I am participating in a tennis tournament that is played with only wood and early 1970’s rackets. I did begin playing tennis with a Dunlop Maxply Fort so I am no stranger to wood rackets, that being said, it has been a long time since I have picked up a wood racket. Bad weather forced my practice time with the Maxply down to a couple of sessions, undeterred, I made my way to the Mercer Park Tennis Center in Hamilton NJ Saturday morning. I would be remiss if I did not mention we are in a crazy heat wave with real feel temps over 100 degrees. I got onto the court at 9:30am and my opponent opened his racket bag full of wood rackets. He then told me he only plays with wood. Damn. The first set was over fast with my opponent winning easily, but I regrouped and won the match, then won again on Sunday. Oh yeah, Sunday’s match in the same heat lasted over three hours. Now on to a junior in the semis tomorrow. The flash back tennis was cool and I was surprised at how high the level of play was with the wood rackets, however, after the matches I pulled my Angell TC95 out of the bag and banged a few serves, boy did it feel great! I have always had great appreciation for the playability of my Angell rackets after going back to wood my appreciation is even greater. Angell rackets are true modern day player’s rackets, a racket revolution just like the intro of the Maxply Fort and the Max 200g. Climb on board with us and play the next greatest brand of rackets, Angell tennis rackets.

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