About Us

We’ve been playing tennis for a long time. It’s become part of who we are. In late 2015 we purchased two Angell TC95 custom rackets and one TC97 custom racket for our personal use.  After playing, and winning, a few matches with the Angell TC95, we were so impressed by the quality and playability of the Angell rackets we wanted more players to share the experience.  A mutual friend put Tim Hedrick, CEO of Advanced Racquets, in contact with Paul Angell and the rest, as they say, is history. Sharing very much in common, Tim and Paul decided to partner together.  Tim created Advanced Racquets for the sole purpose of distributing the Angell TC97, TC100 and the TC105 in the both the Pro and Tour configurations in the United States.

We are all extremely excited to bring Angell Rackets to our shores. The power, control, and everyday usability create a racket that will instantly impress even the most veteran of players. We look forward to working with you to book an appointment for this and improving your game with the best tennis rackets made today.