Angell tennis rackets are tough!

Over the weekend I had an incredible experience with an Angell tennis racket. Usually a statement like this would be followed by how well the Angell racket performed. And yes my Angell TC95 did perform extraordinarily well. Here is what happened: Late in the second set of a tournament match the unthinkable happened. While serving on a very hot and humid evening my Angell racket slipped out of my hand and with full force slammed into the court bounced several times and ended up near the net. I was afraid to walk up and look at the frame knowing each time this has happened in the past the frame was severely damaged. I stood at the baseline for a few seconds then walked up and picked up my Angell. I checked the frame visually, all seemed ok. I ran my fingers along the inside and outside of the frame, no cracks. My opponent asked “is it alright?” Yes after smashing to the court my Angell TC95 was in one piece. I finished the match with my Angell, the only repercussion being some slight tension loss. I suppose the two extra layers of carbon fiber Paul Angell adds to all Angell tennis rackets pays off! So we can add one more feature to the list for Angell tennis rackets, they are incredibly durable!

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